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FBC Logistics Canada offers its customers flexible solutions to facilitate loading, transportation, delivery, storage and discharge of dry bulk goods and commodities via innovative technology of heavy-duty, reusable, self-closing big-bags MK-14-10 (Flexible Bulk Container) with net loading capacity of 14 MT.


FBC was designed for multimodal transportation needs and is perfectly suitable to carry industrial and agricultural products in bulk quantities from port to port, across the globe via marine vessels, railcars, or trucks. 


FBC Logistics Canada has well-developed package of FBC system & services in place to improve and facilitate handling of raw materials through:

  • Increased efficiency of storage and transloading infrastructure 

  • Reduced volume of product loss while in route or during the discharge

  • Reliable cost-saving options to address operational needs for on-site facilities, ports, industrial plants and raw materials suppliers

  • Best available solution to ensure product quality and cleanness thanks to eliminated risk of product contamination during loading/unloading operations

  • Environmentally friendly solution for raw materials storage, transportation and delivery

  • Reliable design that ensures overall safety of highly hazardous and/or bulk cargoes and container transportation.