Dear customers and valued partners,


FBC group of companies, including FBC Logistics Canada Inc., will no longer support projects in Russia, will not provide capital for new projects in Russia, and stops FBC containers supply from Russia.

We support the plan adopted by the European Union to impose sanctions. We have decided to implement them going forward, regardless of the commercial consequences faced by our business.

Our production lines, assembly lines, as well as containers maintenance, had been taking place in Russia, with distribution hubs ex Ukraine, Germany, and the Netherlands. Amid the challenging operating environment, as well as the growing threat from military aggression against Ukraine, we’re closing our operations and business activity effective February 22nd, 2022.


The remaining obligations under current open contracts will be fulfilled by the alternative sourcing ex China, with no new projects ex Russia effective above-stated date.



FBC Logistics team

Trans-shipment at Port
  • Enables transshipment at any port or terminal

  • Eliminates the need for a warehouse - FBC as mobile storage unit

  • No need for substantial investments into transshipment and/or handling infrastructure


Cargo Handling 
  • Utilization of most economical, universal transportation means

  • Allows for product filling & discharging within minutes

  • Daily truck loading / unloading rate: up to 5,000MT per crane

  • Daily vessel loading rate: up to 5,000MT per crane

  • Daily vessel discharge rate: up to 12,000MT per crane


Simplied Operating Equipement 
  • Basic 15t  capacity crane

  • Standard industrial forklift

  • Any available flat surface for FBC stacking and storage

  • Eliminated need for conveyor transporters, storage silos, clamshell grabbers and front loader tractors


Cargo Protection 
  • FBC protects cargo from moisture and contamination

  • FBC eliminates spillage and dust

  • FBC eliminates cleaning of transportations means