FBC Logistics Canada offers unique and efficient technology of product maintenance, loading, transporting, unloading and commodities storage under any weather conditions.

FBC Technology is applicable for use in such industries as mining, agriculture, construction, etc., where toughness, durability, transportability, low cost and efficiency are essential factors for use and operational capacity.

Trans-shipment at Port
  • Enables transshipment at any port or terminal

  • Eliminates the need for a warehouse - FBC as mobile storage unit

  • No need for substantial investments into transshipment and/or handling infrastructure


Cargo Handling 
  • Utilization of most economical, universal transportation means

  • Allows for product filling & discharging within minutes

  • Daily truck loading / unloading rate: up to 5,000MT per crane

  • Daily vessel loading rate: up to 5,000MT per crane

  • Daily vessel discharge rate: up to 12,000MT per crane


Simplied Operating Equipement 
  • Basic 15t  capacity crane

  • Standard industrial forklift

  • Any available flat surface for FBC stacking and storage

  • Eliminated need for conveyor transporters, storage silos, clamshell grabbers and front loader tractors


Cargo Protection 
  • FBC protects cargo from moisture and contamination

  • FBC eliminates spillage and dust

  • FBC eliminates cleaning of transportations means